5Point Adventure Film Festival

By Chestnut Mountain Productions (other events)

Fri, Jun 11 2021 6:00 PM EDT Fri, Jun 18 2021 12:00 AM EDT

The 5Point Adventure Film Festival, founded in 2017 and held annually in Carbondale, CO showcases curated, soulful outdoor films with a cross-section of mountain sports, environment, culture and adventure.

Viewing begins at 6pm EST, Friday, June 11th and ends at midnight EST, Friday, June 18th. You can watch the films with family and friends anytime between those times -- and as often as you like! 

Please Note: On June 9th you will be forwarded a unique passcode that you will need to access the 5Point Adventure Film Festival.


NATURAL MYSTIC (France, 3 min), Director: Maxime Moulin

Natural mystic, an original concept that sees Sam Favret’s mind-blowing performance filmed entirely by drone. Come aboard for three minutes of thundering skiing through the Aiguilles Rouges of Chamonix, no gimmicks or tricks and no music. Instead, the sound of the elements takes pride of place for full immersion into the tracks of this local Chamonix rider.

STOKE CHASERS (United States, 8 min) Director: Jo Anna Edmison

In an interestingly subliminal way, many young girls are taught how to watch and not how to do. Girls are taught on to think that they are more fragile and weak. Stoke Chasers aims to get women to stand up and fight this notion of just watching and to break the connection between being feminine and being fragile. When the unspoken barriers of the male dominated surf and skate world are broken, women are celebrated for being a part of a similar community, but not necessarily the same community. Stoke Chasers poses the question, “what if we were told we were strong from the beginning?” We would be able to foster a community of girls that were not complacent with watching, but girls that are more inclined to be doing.

UNITED STATES OF JOE'S (United States, 22 min), Directors: Peter Mortimer & Nick Rosen

In rural Utah, a valley of world-class bouldering is nestled among a conservative community of Mormons, cowboys and coal miners. When a ragged band of punk rock climbers shows up, the two cultures inevitably clash. After years of antagonism, a group of climbers work with locals to build a more harmonious future. But in this divided era, is that even possible?

GAMES OF SURVIVAL (United States, 16 min), Director: Nicholas Natale

Native Eskimos have competed in the World Eskimo Indian Olympics (WEIO) since 1961, which are a gathering of Eskimo people from all around the circumpolar region. WEIO is the largest annual celebration of Alaskan Native Heritage. Through travelling to native villages and filming WEIO, this film provides a look into the lives of native Alaskan Eskimos and shares their traditions and culture with the audience.

UNA RAZON PARA PESCAR (A REASON TO FISH) (United States, 10 min), Directors: Simon Perkins & Henry Miles

Dan Diez loves to fish. It’s the reason why he spends many long nights under bridges in Miami, fly fishing out of a canoe for giant tarpon. On the surface, his passion flows from the thrills and wonder of a heart-pounding experience with rod and fly that connects him intimately with the natural world. However, at a deeper level, the passion is rooted in a story–a story about Dan and his grandfather–that involves traditions born in Cuba, political imprisonment, the search for a new home, and a relationship with water that symbolizes a freedom often taken for granted.

 ONE STAR REVIEWS: NATIONAL PARKS (United States, 1 min), Director: Alex Massey

These days people feel the need to rate everything online, and not even National Parks are safe. We hear from some unsatisfied customers who feel there’s plenty of room for improvement with some of America’s most beautiful places.

THE MYSTERY (United States, 9 min), Directors: Forest Woodward, Tommy Penick

Within the sport of kayaking, exists whitewater–and within that, the mysterious sect of “squirtboating”, which has been facing its slow demise since its heyday in the early 1990s.

PEDAL THROUGH (United States, 14 min), Directors: Aly Nicklas & Analise Cleopatra

Pedal Through invites us into the world of director-lead Analise Cleopatra as she discovers the healing and joy of mountain biking. Analise had never camped or ridden a bike off the pavement when she decided to plan a week-long mountain biking adventure with an all black female team: her best friend and fellow newcomer to the sport, Day Toliver, and professional mountain biker Brooklyn Bell.  Together, they traverse the Oregon backcountry on an adventure full of exploration, curiosity, waterfalls, old growth forest, sparkling starscapes, and deep healing. With raw authenticity, Analise shares all the intimate foibles, fear, fun and beauty of discovering her place in the outdoors. The landscape opens to greet her as she learns to lean into uncertainty, accept support and trust herself on this wild ride.

 NORTH COUNTRY (United States, 20 min), Director: Nick Martini

In the rugged White Mountains of northern New Hampshire, Lahout’s has remained open 365 days a year since 1920. While technology and conglomerates have stripped the country of local, independent retailers, a family of Lebanese immigrants has prevailed for a century, beating the Great Depression, World War II, Dot Com Crash and Great Recession.  This film tells a timeless short story of the American dream and the family that put a community on skis. After 100 years, Lahout’s is still a family business moving onto its fourth generation. Through past and present, we learn the true source of the store’s success. As their monarch passes on, we question and discover the backbone of its longevity. We hope to inspire immigrants, military veterans, millennials, grandchildren, family businesses, and outdoor enthusiasts that all in America is not lost.

VOICE ABOVE WATER (United States, Indonesia, 11 min), Director: Dana Frankoff

Voice Above Water is the story of a 90-year-old Balinese fisherman, Wayan, who can no longer fish because of the vast amount of plastic in the ocean. Wayan instead uses his fishing boat and net to collect trash in hopes of one day being able to fish again. The story is a glimpse into how one human is using his resources to make a difference and a reminder that if we all play our part we can accomplish something much greater than ourselves.

 BROKEN (United States, 7 min), Director: Simon Perkins

After losing his leg to cancer as a young adult, Jon Wilson struggled with feeling broken. Challenging himself in the outdoors presented a possible remedy. Today, crutching up and skiing down mountains at night provides a distinct backdrop for Jon to explore, accept, and embrace the idea of “brokenness,” allowing him to find a more sincere, vulnerable and honest connection with life.

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